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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy are two of the most effective approaches utilized at Gulf Coast Psychotherapy, LLC to help patients achieve and maintain their goals.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaches life skills, symptom management and challenges negative, unhealthy life beliefs and choices.  The combination of developing positive life skills and decreasing negative self talk maximizes the patient's success during therapy and in future life challenges.   Solution Focused Therapy focuses on solutions to challenges rather than the challenges themselves. This allows one to place more emphasis and energy on reducing symptoms and achieving goals while minimizing obstacles.









Family Systems Therapy  

Family systems therapy utilizes a comprehensive assessment of not only the identified patient system, but of all family members, significant others and community organizations involved in the identified patient's life.  This approach provides valuable insight into the health of  the interactions and relationships within the family system as a whole.  Interventions focus on a common goal and identify necessary changes for both individuals within the family and the family as a unit.   Family Systems Therapy can be effective in situations in which other approaches may have failed due to unidentified barriers within the family unit.










Non-Traditional Therapies

We believe that many therapeutic approaches should be offered to increase patient wellness.  Gulf Coast Psychotherapy, LLC offers play therapy, dramatic play therapy, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, experiential based therapy, animal-assisted therapy, interactive metronome (please see details under the Non-Traditional Therapies tab located above).  These approaches are quite effective for those who find it difficult to verbalize their feelings or those who find talk therapy challenging.  Non-traditional therapies are effective in both assessing and treating individuals, couples, families and groups of all ages.  Often times these approaches eliminate barriers that would otherwise prevent full recovery or complete attainment of goals.


Behavioral Therapy:

Behavioral Therapy is working with and shaping behavior, but recognizes that behavior can be a form of communication with deeper underlying challenges being present. Therefore, this therapeutic style seeks to balance treatment of observable and measurable behavior using behavior therapy, while using talk and play based therapies to address not so obvious challenges. Talk and play based therapies can include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and techniques that frequently borrow from solution focused, trauma informed, psychoanalytical and developmental theories and practices.

Counseling Services In The Comfort Of Home,(including ILF and ALF)


Gulf Coast Psychotherapy, LLC is excited to announce the addition of confidential in- home psychotherapy services to the Sarasota area.


Services are covered by traditional Medicare and supplemental plans. Medicare complete or Medicare advantage plans not accepted.


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