• Dr. Nelly De Ridder

Strategies To Cope With Covid-19

COVID-19: The Importance of Structure

Not Just for Kids

●Setting up a daily routine has many benefits, including-

Well being, decreasing anxiety and depression, having control over your day (because your focusing on

yourself, your wants and accomplishing goals), safety, and security.

●Items to include- today

Physical, emotional, spiritual, need for human contact, having a set bedtime and wake time, keeping

alcohol, recreational drugs, and smoking to a minimum and appreciating what is good in your life.

●Consider when you are most productive in the day to get things done; AM, Noon or PM. Do the most

important things first.

Consider speaking to your therapist on how this can work for you. If you are not a client, do consider setting up a tele-health meeting today.

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