• Dr. Nelly De Ridder

Scooter's Strategies by Dr. Nelly De Ridder, LCSW

The art of listening

Listening is hearing the verbatim of what is said and interpreting the message. It is a work of understanding, without distractions. It is a focus in which what is said is valued; denoting that someone cares. It is a safe place. It draws out the genuine authentic self. As a result there is validations, acknowledgement, self esteem, value and love.

So, you might ask...How do I get better at listening?

  1. Take a not knowing stance - clear your mind of your notions, your thoughts of the person, and what you want to cover. Create a pause button... set aside your agenda and be present and interested.

  2. Make eye contact.

  3. Ask questions.

  4. Use body language...lean in.

  5. Be honest if you missed something. It's an active process...it takes practice, practice, practice.

Try and remember, the opinion shared to you, the listener, is your opportunity to learn. So develop and sustain it.

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