• Dr. Nelly De Ridder

Holiday Stress Catching Up With You?

Holidays can be extremely stressful to so many. Often times we may even feel guilty about being stressed because everyone should be joyous and happy, right? We worry about choosing the right gift, welcoming friends and family into our neat and tidy home, and whether or not those friends and family members will be civil with each other. Our past experiences often contribute to our current expectations. If last year, the tidings of great joy turned into the epic family brawl, one might dread a repeat performance.

During the holiday season it is so important to take care of yourself. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate the holidays. So relax and think outside the box. Maybe the holiday dinner is buffet styled this year. Many grocery stores have an option to purchase a prepared meal with all the fixings... hint hint. Maybe gift giving is simplified by drawing a name out of a hat or giving gift cards in creative boxes. If having a tidy and spotless house is more important to your guests than the celebration, then maybe its time to change your guest list. Think about it... this is the one time of the year that people tolerate bad behavior because "it is the holidays." We make excuses for rudeness, drunkenness, and insensitive behaviors because "its the holidays." This would not be tolerated during other times.

Self care requires balance. Only you can determine what the right balance is for you. Regardless, you have to exercise, sleep at least 8hrs/day, have some down time, pamper yourself. Remember we sense each other's energy so the stress people arrive with is what sets the tone for those around them.

Conclusion: You are better off being a less stressed healthy you with a not so perfect event, enjoyed by all,

than an overly stressed you with a perfect presentation filled with tension.

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