Gulf Coast Psychotherapy, LLC provides comprehensive traditional and non-traditional psycho-therapeutic services, for all ages, in a confidential, relaxed atmosphere. We offer a variety of interventions in order to successfully treat each individual with the most effective and personalized approach.  Each patient is provided individual treatment based on their specific needs. Our goal is not only to address symptoms and achieve a higher quality of life but also to teach skills that will allow patients to maintain progress in the future.





Who we service:       


      Older Adults     Adults          Adolescents         Children

       Families             Couples        Caregivers             




Specializing in:


Mood Disorders                                        ADHD

Learning Disabilities                                School Stress

Anxiety                                                     Adjustment Disorders

Dementia                                                  Alzhiemers Disease

Aspergers                                                 Autistic Spectrum Disorders   

Loss                                                           Cognitive Changes

Career Stress                                             Caregiver Stress

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder               Marital Difficulties

Creative Parenting                                    Panic Disorders

Self Esteem Building                                 Domestic Violence

LGBTQ                                                       Sexual Identity 


Specialized  Interventions:


Comprehensive assessments utilizing a variety of standardized testing

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Solutions Focused Therapy

Guided Imagery

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Art Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy

Interactive Metronome

Skills Building Interventions

Resource Planning and Advocacy Skills



Our Philosophy

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